Files by Google now lets users protect important files on Android


  • Google’s file management app now has a ‘Safe Folder’ feature.
  • The feature lets users lock away important files behind a PIN.

Google is now giving users a simple way to protect files on their smartphones through its Files by Google app. Dubbed Safe Folder, the feature secures files within this folder behind a four-digit PIN.

The idea is pretty straightforward. Users can move their important files to the folder within the app, be it identity documents, audio recordings, or photographs. The folder locks immediately after users navigate away from or close the app, and the PIN will be required to regain access.

It’s a simple solution to securing data on devices that don’t support native app locks or secure folders.

The Files by Google app is now reportedly used by over 150 million people globally after it launched in 2017 primarily as a management tool for low storage devices. Google renamed the app back in 2018, repositioning it as a jack-of-all-trades file and folder tool for Android.

Click the button below to download Files by Google. If you’d rather explore other file management tools, you can visit this article to browse the selection available for Android.

2 replies on “Files by Google now lets users protect important files on Android

    • Mark Tucker

      Well, I find it very useful and secure as well because the UI is clean and it the job done when in need. I wonder why other smartphone companies are not experimenting this cleaner application


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